Welcome to Bible Online Learner


What Is Bible Online Learner?

Bible Online Learner (Bible OL) gives free access to the Hebrew Bible in the ETCBC4 database and Nestle’s 1904 text of the Greek New Testament with grammatical annotations; furthermore, teachers can use exercises developed for Bible OL or create their own.

Bible OL is interlinked with the award-winning Hebrew query and text display site SHEBANQ. From a chapter in Bible OL, click the SHEBANQ logo to jump directly to that chapter on their website. Furthermore, facilitators can use queries from SHEBANQ to generate exercises in Bible OL.

The source code for Bible OL is available at GitHub. We hope developers will fork this code and join us to add additional features.

Bible Online Learner for Free Global Learning

Since 2014, Bible Online Learner has been part of the Global Learning Initiative. For more information, please contact Professor Nicolai Winther-Nielsen (nwn [at] dbi . edu) of Fjellhaug International University College Denmark (FIUC-DK).
Bible Online Learner was developed by Claus Tøndering of Ezer IT Consulting.
For her PhD at Aalborg University, Judith Gottschalk is developing Learning Journey, a plugin with statistics on learner performance.


Bible Online Learner is based on PLOTLearner, a PC program developed as part of the EuroPLOT project 2010-2013. The present website is the result of further development by Ezer IT Consulting outside the EuroPLOT project, and the site is maintained by 3BM Bible Software and Multimedia.


The SHEBANQ web site was created by Wido van Peursen and Dirk Roorda.

The Swahili lexicon was developed by Dr David Instone-Brewer and funded by the United Bible Societies. Its use in Bible Online Learner is at present only experimental.